Warning Notice!
Dear customers, Recently we discovered a scam of defrauding for payment using our company and sales executive name. The scammers created GMAIL account as tynsolarcorporation@gmail.com and promote non-existing stock in Europe at incredibly cheap price (EUR0.37/w) to seduce customers attention. Any customer attempt to contact them will get fake Proforma Invoice and bank account in inaccurate bank name from UK, China or Hongkong. All sales executives in Tynsolar use our official corporate email name@serv.tynsolar.com.tw and will never deliver any messages or open PI to customers via public email like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail… Further, our banks are in Taiwan but not in Europe, China and Hongkong. Please be cautious and do not be cheated easily by the low price. Do contact us via telephone before placing order or making any payment to avoid unfortunate fraud and losses. We care for you! Sincerely Tynsolar Corporation.
親愛的客戶, 近來發現有不肖的人士同時在歐洲及亞洲地區假冒頂晶科技公司的員工或是其他台灣太陽能公司的業務人員, 向歐洲的產品通路商或是太陽能產品的買家發布不實的產品資訊及銷售價格, 並且開立假的PI, 偽造的簽名及錯誤的銀行名稱, 企圖詐騙客戶的貨款. 頂晶科技公司所有業務人員往來的email, 都是公司的正式email account, 絕對不會使用yahoo, gmail 或是一般公開網頁的email address 來回覆客戶的提問或是開立PI, 且我們的收款銀行一定是在台灣的銀行而不會在香港或是歐洲地區的國家. 請客戶不要相信市場上過低的價格, 在下訂單或是付款前必須和業務人員有過電話上的確認, 以避免上當受騙而遭受重大的損失.